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Do not attempt the HCG Weight Loss Program without reading this

Important Notice!

Your weight loss isn’t the hard part.  The hard part is keeping it off. If you want the answer to that problem, read this before you choose your provider.  It is about long-term success.  You do not get that with HCG.  You can get time or even years at a lower weight.  Then it comes back.  We will tell you many other helpful things that other HCG Centers fail to tell you.

  • HCG will give you accelerated weight loss. It is hard to fail if you follow Modernized instructions. It is easy to fail without your commitment to follow the instructions.
  • Where does the HCG you get come from? Compounding Pharmacies have different levels of Recognition by the FDA. We use superior products from superior Companies. It matters.
  • HCG, the Digestive Cleanse, Multiple Vitamin Prebiotic, Chinese Tea, are the basic behavior.
  • Bodyology Center not only will match other competition, but we will also beat any published price of any company that gives the same quantity and type products that we use. That will be 6000IU of HCG and ten injections of either Hydroxocobalamin or Methylcobalamin Vitamin B-12.
  • No matter if a supplier has the exact same products that we provide, we will beat that price.
  • Here is the key. This is a Mind/Body experience. Long-term and even your 30-day program success is directly attached to your behavior. The instructions for your program are the key to your success. Everyone’s instructions are different. Many follow the original Simeons program. That is as far off base as you can get, they are 60 years old.
  • You will hear things from your Counselor at Bodyology that explains this program thoroughly as well as analyze with you the behaviors you can change to make this process bearable.
  • You need to make better choices to succeed long term.
We can show you how. You can visit the Clinic or call any time you need us. Other than that, if you are not prepared to follow your instructions, do not spend your money. You cannot trick this diet. If you follow it, you can lose more weight faster than any other diet. It is about calories, science, mathematics and the nourishment you put in your body. You are an organism. The better you feed the organism, the better you will fell and the better your body will operate. Give us a call or sign up here online. If you can’t beat the price call us, we are the source of the right instructions.