The Simple Truth About Using HCG In A Diet Program

There is actually no such thing as a HCG Diet. The proper phrase is HCG Assisted Diet. The words HCG Diet are not accepted by the FDA because HCG has never been approved for use in weight loss and has never been proven to the satisfaction of the FDA to cause weight loss. The Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) diet is the diet. HCG is added to that diet to ASSIST in weight loss. HCG use in weight loss has many success stories and the proper term as mentioned earlier is HCG Assisted Diet.

The original 500 calorie diet developed by Dr. Simeons is bad for you. No professional organization will have you follow the original 500 calorie diet. You will lose weight fast because you are malnourished. You will also lose muscle which is counterproductive. Ask any doctor that has studied HCG and you will not find support for the original diet. People, foods and the way we ate during Simeons time was very different than it is today. We have evolved and so has the way foods are processed. We have many food items that never existed in Simeons time.

What type of HCG should we use? The options are, Prescription Injections, Homeopathic Drops, Prescription Drops or Prescription Tablets. Forget Homeopathic Drops. They are a total fraud, a waste of your money and are against the law. If you are going on a genuine HCG diet you don’t get it at the flea market, Craigslist or EBay. HCG is a prescription required product. That’s because real HCG is real HCG and it comes from a Pharmacy. Injections put the most HCG into your system. Injections provide the best possible result. It is painless and easy to inject. Prefilled syringes are against the law to take away from the clinic and for good reason. When was it mixed? What’s in the syringe? Were they filled in sterile conditions? How old was the product? Will they be effective? Where did it come from? Don’t take the chance. There are too many variables.

Is the clinic you choose a legitimate clinic? Our licenses and certificates are on the wall. This is required by law. Unfortunately, too many HCG operations are not licensed at all, may get HCG from foreign countries, may elect to provide you prefilled syringes and use other methods to get your money. Ask questions and see if the clinic you are talking to has time for your call.

HCG vials and expiration dates. Look at your vial. Quality HCG has no more than a 30 day shelf life after mixing (reconstitution). You cannot do the HCG Assisted Diet with a 40 day supply in one vial that has a 30 day shelf life before deterioration? HCG does deteriorate. Get fresh products and check the expiration date. We have a program that guarantees you have fresh HCG throughout your diet. We provide our HCG in two vials for any program over 30 days.

Pharmacies that compound HCG are very different and come in many levels ability, capacity and quality. We use Boca Ratons Premier Pharmacy. It is one of a very few Compounding Pharmacies that is also an approved manufacturing facility. We chose this pharmacy for their outstanding reputation and quality control. We pass that quality on to you.
Finally. Whoever you choose for your HCG Assisted Diet, have your questions ready to ask. Be sure to speak to a counselor instead of a receptionist and be sure to have your questions properly answered.

Ask how many total IU’s of HCG you will receive in your program.

This depends on how much weight loss is your goal. Our programs are 30 day and 60 days in length.

Ask how many vials it comes in.

Any program over 30 days long demands two separate vials. HCG vials are only good for 30 days. Any diet over 30 days requires two vials.

Ask how many IU’s are there in the daily injections.

We provide 200IU per day.

Ask if you are getting vials or prefilled syringes.

Not as good as your own vials. You do not know the filling conditions, the age of the product or the source of your HCG. Our supplier has the highest level certification in the state of Florida. They are the only one to achieve that level of certification.

Ask how many calories are on their program.

Minimum recommended is 750. DO NOT DO THE ORIGINAL 500 CALORIE PROGRAM. It may have been ok in 1960 but is not good for today. Your body has evolved, there are many new foods and ways to process those foods.

Ask for the Doctors name.

Ours is Dr. Don Willems. Your counselor/coordinators are Gary Levine and Javier Cuenca.

Ask for the state clinic registration number to confirm legality.

Ours is State of Florida 606726

Thank you for reading this and good luck. The HCG Assisted Diet gets results.