Not Local? Telehealth Consultations are Available

Telehealth Technology and the HCG Assisted Diet


Technology and logic are at the very core of HCG Assisted Diet program weight loss programs. As a leading Telehealth provider with clinical partners having decades of experience in clinical medicine, the company can now service an increasing number of patients through Telehealth using the same doctors and secured communications.

Popularity of the HCG Assisted Diet continues to rise, and demand for the program as well as our success with the HCG Assisted Diet has brought us into the future through Telehealth. The HCG Assisted Diet through this Company is only possible by completing all forms required and having the documents presented to the Physician you empower us to arrange for your participation and prescription.

All HCG Assisted Diet patients are required to buy HCG from a licensed U.S. pharmacy. Patients who do not medically qualify for the company’s programs have no obligation or receive a full refund instantly.

To view the new HCG Assisted Diet Telehealth Medical website or to inquire about the company’s medical weight loss program go to or call us at 954-929-7670

We provide HCG Assisted Diet related information and arrange Doctor’s consultations for people who do not live near our physical locations. Our nation is on the cutting edge of virtual doctor visits! Telehealth and Telemedicine doctor visits are done by video conference/Skype and even on your phone, cell phone or iPhone.

Your consultation using Telehealth allows remote access between the doctor and patient under conditions that are met when you read and sign the attached Terms and Conditions documents and forms on this website.

You will have access to your Doctor and Counselors throughout your diet program. Upon completion of your required forms, your Doctor will review the Medical History and will contact you to discuss any questions he may have. Your HCG application kit and prescription will be forwarded to the address you provide that same day if your order is received before 1 PM.

Our HCG Assisted Diet Weight Loss Program is safe, effective and it yields consistent weight loss. Patients will experience a reduction of risk factors for chronic health conditions such as high or low blood pressure and diabetes. Weight loss will improve blood sugars, triglycerides, cholesterol, immune function, arthritis and mood, risk factors for heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

You will feel as though you have more energy and a better mood. Our Physicians and Counselors have a thorough understanding of how and why people gain and lose weight based on the science, common sense and our daily interaction with clients.

Our staff also understands emotional, social and behavioral relationships with food and how those relationships effect weight and health. We understand there are physiological, medical, emotional and psychological factors to weight loss as well as hormone imbalances, and digestive health. We gather all this information to personalize and create a long term weight loss solution tailored to your individual medical history based on the modernized HCG Assisted Diet protocols.

Our HCG Assisted Diet is a safe program without the common side effects of other weight loss drugs. It is also quite inexpensive compared to other programs, lap-bands or bypass surgery. The HCG Assisted Diet is not only effective, it gives very fast results when the instructions are followed.