Frequently Asked Questions about hCG.


No Worries, we have hCG/B12 oral tablets that are just as effective. Give us a call about the oral tablets! The oral tablets are 100% real hCG.  We don’t want you to confuse our oral tablets with the fake hCG drops and tablets that were on the market years ago giving our industry a bad reputation.



Why are we and our HCG Assisted Diet different?

The original HCG Diet was created in the 1950’s. That is over 60 years ago. How foods are processed is different. We are different. We have evolved and so have our bodies. We include:

  • Modernized Protocols
  • Physician Supervision
  • Any program that has not modernized this diet to 750 calories minimum does not understand evolution
  • Superior USA Compounding Pharmacy for Purity and Quality
  • We provide additional HCG because our bodies have changed
  • Intentions and interests on our clients behalf
  • Complete Telehealth and Internet access to your team
Wouldn’t I lose weight anyway on an eight hundred calorie diet?

Absolutely! The problem is that you will lose your structural fat, normal fat, and muscle mass! The reason you are here is because of your Locked Down Abnormal Adipose Fat. That’s the purpose of HCG. The use of HCG in addition to the diet specifically unlocks adipose fat, and avoids muscle loss.

Can I drink alcohol on this diet?

The best answer is NO. But there are social events and things of the sort. Try a glass of wine and see the result. You will have your answer as to the effect. Then it is up to you to make the decision.

What Vitamins Are Suggested When On HCG?

We advise taking a multiple vitamin. Although none are required it makes good sense to be certain you are getting what you need because of the limited selection of foods for the HCG Assisted Diet. In addition be sure to get potassium and magnesium if you feel weak.

Where HCG should be injected?

The HCG is given via subcutaneous injection and absorbed through fatty tissue. The injection is given in a very small insulin syringe and can be injected directly into the fat. We at HCG Assisted Diet suggest administering the injection into tummy fat. Inject two to three inches to the left or right of the belly button. The bloodstream absorbs the HCG for distribution throughout the body. It is not necessary to inject the “trouble area” of fat.

What if I feel constipated or can’t go to the bathroom?

It is normal to experience some changes in bowel habits when on a low calorie diet like HCG Assisted. If you are consuming amounts of food, less food is excreted as waste. For some, this may mean not having a bowel movement every day or even every other day. This is normal when on a low calorie diet. If you have not experienced a bowel movement in more than 5-7 days and you are experiencing some unpleasant side effects of constipation including a distended or swollen abdomen, cramping, etc. As a rule, always first drink plenty of water throughout the day to stimulate your bowels. The 30-minute daily walk may also help. If you are still in need of relief, we recommend drinking Smooth Move Tea. This product is gentle to the digestive system and is only recommended for use as a last resort when needed. Smooth Move should not be used to correct cheating on the diet or to increase weight loss.

Will HCG interfere with any medications?

No. It is recommended that you continue taking any medications that you have been taking before the diet.

Does the HCG have to be refrigerated?

It is recommended that you refrigerate your HCG upon arrival. They may be kept at room temperature for short periods, during administration. Once you have mixed the HCG the HCG MUST stay refrigerated for the remaining of use time. If vials are left out the medication potency may be affected. It is also important to NOT shake the HCG Vial.

What is the maintenance program?

The Maintenance phase is very important. It is not good to finish your program and go right back to a high calorie diet. The intention is to stair step your program by adding additional foods that allow your body to readjust through the introduction process. It is said that it is important to continue with the Maintenance program after the HCG protocol to slowly reset your metabolism. This process will take a minimum of 3 weeks. We will evaluate your calorie needs at your new weight and determine your recommended caloric intake. If you do not do the Maintenance program properly you will be more likely to regain the weight you have tried so hard to lose. It’s not worth it. Take your time for your new life.

What if my weight plateaus?

It is common for men and women to experience a weight plateau. This can happen on any weight loss program. Stalls or plateaus occur from events such as cheating, menstrual cycle, too much exercise and even under eating. A plateau can also be caused from fluid retention. We have three plateau breakers available to you. They should be used only when needed and after you have spoken to your counselor. They are not meant to be used to correct cheating on the diet or to have fun during the diet.

Do I need to eat all organic foods?

It is recommended to eat all organic products especially proteins. Non-organic poultry, vegetables, fruit, and beef may contain preservatives, antibiotics, herbicides, pesticides and flavor enhancers. If you do not have access to all organic foods, wash all produce thoroughly. When organics are available they are certainly better for you.

Where does my HCG come from?

Our source Pharmacy is a FDA-approved Premier Compounding Pharmacy located in the US that partners with healthcare providers to provide patients with the highest quality compounded medications. Patient safety is our most important concern and we take every measure to make sure of this. They are committed to providing the utmost care to our patients.

They follow USP 797 Pharmaceutical Compounding – Sterile Preparations, in the USP National Formulary guidelines and further test batches of sterile injectables for potency, purity, endotoxins and sterility. In addition, their Rapid Scan RDI allows clearing of microbiology in an average of an hour and a half. This includes all strains of bacteria, mold and fungus. You can have the confidence that the dedication of this Biotechnology is to provide the highest quality compounded pharmaceuticals.

What happens if I miss a dose or an injection?

The HCG remains in the body for roughly 3 days. If you forget to inject for several hours you may do your injection at that time. If you miss a day, do not double your dose the next day. Documenting your daily weight loss will prevent this happening.

Will I have a support team with my program?

You will have readily available access to your counselor and Doctor if needed. We have never experienced the need to call our Doctor to solve a problem. The most frequent call is about plateaus or stalls in weight loss. These are fixed at the counselor level. We are here for you. You paid your money and are entitled to supervision throughout the diet

The loading phase to start the diet

It was originally called gorging but it is really the “loading phase”. This is an important part of the HCG Assisted Diet and should be an instruction that is followed. It takes 2-3 days for HCG to fully get into the body and begin to pull fat into the bloodstream for energy use. Utilizing fat for energy, also known as ketosis, is a natural appetite suppressant and is what prevents hunger throughout the HCG program. The diet can be very uncomfortable if 800 calories is started too early without the HCG present in the body. Loading will help build up fat reserves in the blood; so that once the HCG is fully working in the body and calories are restricted, hunger is better controlled. These 2 days of loading must be done while taking HCG. Foods to focus on while loading include, but are not limited to: avocados, almonds, cheese, butter, sour cream, etc. Limiting foods that are high in carbohydrates and sugar and focusing on high fat foods instead can help achieve all of the loading benefit while preventing heavy carb withdrawals when starting the 750 calories.

Why is a colon cleanse suggested during this diet?

Detoxifying the colon is essential in maintaining digestive health. Toxins can build up over time within the body. Similar to many diet detox programs, the colon cleanse is used to detoxify the system and prep the body for the 750 calorie HCG Assisted Diet. The colon cleanse is also suggested to rid the colon of candida yeast. Excess yeast in the colon is believed to inhibit digestion.

Can I exercise on the HCG diet?

Exercising on the HCG diet can actually hinder proper weight loss, slow the metabolism and is not recommended on a low calorie diet. If you exercise while on the HCG diet the body will begin to absorb and lose lean muscle mass. Loss of muscle mass is the last thing you want! Incorporate physical activity into your day by walking if you like and get 30 minutes or more of moderate cardiovascular activity each day. Adding extra exercise will not aid in weight loss on the HCG diet. You can try adding two ounces of protein to the meal before the workout.  Monitor your weight loss.  If the weight loss declines, stop the workouts until the diet is finished.

How much weight can I expect to lose?

That depends on several factors. How much weight do you have to lose and how well you follow the diet are the key factors in determining how much you will lose. Every person is a different story and they have to be evaluated that way. A rule of thumb we use is ¾ of a pound per day. When you hear 2 to 3 pounds per day you should leave wherever you are. At ¾ of a pound per day, that is 30 pounds in 40 days.

Will I be hungry on this diet?

Yes, you will but only for the first few days. You are going through dramatic changes. Dramatic results require dramatic changes. This will end and you should get in a zone that is the result of your joy over the weight loss and your body growing accustomed to the change from the VLCD. Your appetite is naturally reduced during the diet. The first week is the hardest. You have to keep calories low on the HCG Assisted Diet for the body to be reliant on fat stores for energy and thus suppress hunger. Most people have plenty of energy and feel good while on the program. All of our HCG products at HCG Assisted Diet Programs also come compounded with B12 to additionally help increase energy levels.

What is HCG? How does it work?

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone that is naturally occurring in both men and women. Prior to the use with the HCG Assisted Diet it was used medically in higher dosage’s to treat conditions such as increased testosterone in young males for a condition called Hyper Gonadism and infertility in women.

HCG was found to possess a unique ability that allows the body to mobilize fat and make it available for energy use. During pregnancy the primary purpose of HCG is to insure that the fetus receives uninterrupted nourishment from the adipose fat of the mother when needed. For weight loss, 200 IU daily is injected and combined with a VLCD (very low calorie diet). The HCG then assists the body’s need for nourishment to seek the necessary calorie/energy from the adipose fat. Without the HCG, being on the same VLCD, you will lose structural fat and muscle instead of adipose fat. The adipose fat is the unsightly fat that has been hard to lose

Why is HCG used for weight loss programs?

The key features described above work the same in weight loss programs. Namely, HCG releases lipids and fatty acids from fat cells. The nutrients enter the bloodstream and are utilized by the body (not a baby in this case) as food. The body burns the nutrients because it is on a diet. The result is loss of stubborn fat and weight.

How does HCG work?

In the state of natural pregnancy, the rapidly dividing embryo and fetus are continuously growing. It is perhaps the most rapid phase of cellular division known. The fetus is in high metabolic need of nutrients; it cannot wait until the next time Momma decides to eat. The placenta provides its own secret answer: HCG. The HCG hormone circulates and liberates lipids and fatty acids from locked-away stores of adipose (fat) cells, thereby producing a steady stream of nutrients to the fetus, which rapidly becomes a baby. As this baby grows, more nutrients are needed. HCG production levels continue to rise to well over 1 million IUs per day. The hormone also appears to preserve muscle (muscle-sparing) in the mother, and evens-out her appetite.

Is it safe for men?

It is absolutely safe for men, with no known adverse events in adult men. Men will not be “feminized; nor will women be masculinized.

What is the HCG diet program?

There is no such thing as the HCG Diet that is approved by the FDA. Why? The HCG program is really a diet that is assisted by the addition of HCG into the diet regimen. The real name is “The HCG Assisted Diet”. We do the “HCG Assisted Diet”. By either name it is the same but when you hear HCG Assisted Diet, you will be working with understanding and complete compliance. As a note, the discussion of HCG Homeopathic drops can end right here. HCG Homeopathic Drops are a total phony and are banned by the FDA. Don’t waste your money

What does HCG mean?

It is a human hormone. It is called “chorionic” because it is found in the placenta (“Chorion” means placenta). It is called Gonadotropin because one of its first scientifically observed functions was to induce puberty in boys with undescended testicles.

What is HCG? (Also abbreviated hCG, HcG)

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a naturally occurring human hormone. It is most prolific in pregnancy, with levels rising quickly in the first 2 weeks of pregnancy.