HCG Assisted Diet Programs for Men

HCG Medical Weight Loss for Men in Broward County

Bodyology Center is a Florida Licensed, Physician Supervised HCG Assisted Diet Clinic

Located in Hollywood, the Bodyology Center shows men how they can successfully use the HCG hormone to reach their desired weight loss goals quickly and effectively with our HCG Assisted Diet Programs. We have helped people for almost six years achieve their weight loss goals.

Why is it called the HCG Assisted Diet? HCG alone will not cause weight loss. There must be a VLCD, for the diet to work. A VLCD is a very low calorie diet. The HCG injections assist the VLCD to produce dramatic weight loss in a short period of time.

On the diet, the HCG Assisted Diet men to lose weight fast. How does it work? During pregnancy, the HCG hormone helps to access fat stores for nutrients during a very low calorie diet. . When it is used for weight loss in men, the same function of accessing fat stores provides for the breaking down of fat for energy when following during a very blow calorie diet.

The HCG hormone injections can also increase the number of Leydig cells in the testicles. As an additional benefit in men during the diet the Leydig cells in the client produce testosterone. In a typical male, they produce from 4-10 mg of testosterone each day. You know what that means!

Typically, men lose around a pound a day, but they are likely to lose more weight on average than women. Naturally this depends on the starting weight. The more weight you have to lose the more you will lose on your program. Another reason is that men typically have more muscle mass than women. Because muscle burns fat, a man’s metabolic rate for fat breakdown tends to be higher than women. Another aspect to their more rapid weight loss can be attributed to testosterone. As mentioned earlier, HCG injections can promote the production of testosterone, which in turn has a direct effect on muscle cells. Men can obtain more muscle from workouts and burn extra fat!

During your weight loss program, increased testosterone can assist with mild cases of erectile dysfunction and low libido. When testosterone levels drop, men begin to experience issues with sexual function. The signs of this may begin with needing extra stimulation to obtain an erection and the loss of involuntary morning erections.

It may also manifest with feeling too tired for sexual activity or feeling as though it is not interesting. Testosterone is directly responsible for sexual function and desire, and when the Leydig cells are inclined to produce more testosterone, it can help improve sexual function and desire.

HCG is administered into specific doses that allow men to take the hormone for weight loss. The best and most effective HCG comes in an injectable form which we recommend and dosages must be modified to fit individual weight and height. HCG tablets do work but Homeopathic HCG is a total fraud on the public so beware. You cannot make a homeopathic hormone and genuine HCG is a prescription only pharmaceutical product.

When doing the HCG assisted diet, patients should be monitored to avoid health risks and to make sure the diet is suitable for their body. Our clients have unlimited access to the clinic and telephone support.

WE are dedicated to helping patients with the best medical weight loss program to fit their personal weight loss needs and goals. One call will get you started so call today and begin the best weight loss program you have ever tried.

We are located in Hollywood, Florida but easily serve our neighboring areas of Aventura, Fort Lauderdale, Plantation, Hallandale, Wilton Manors, Pembroke Pines, Miramar, Coral Springs, Weston and Miami. You can enroll at this site and receive your complete program the following day.