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Quality HCG and supplement products  

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Manufacturers of the fake over the counter homeopathic products have prevented legal action by adding the label “HORMONE FREE” to their products. In other words, they now admit that their products do not contain HCG, a prescription hormone.

Their statement also explained: There are no FDA-approved program for weight loss. HCG use by injection of Pharmaceutical HCG has not been tested by the FDA so they cannot have a position other than saying using HCG for weight loss has not approved by the FDA.
If you have been fooled by one of these scams, Please call us today to find out how to properly complete the program.

product quality

Pharmacies that manufacture HCG are very different. There is a wide range of experience and expertise in manufacturing capacity and product quality. We are proud that our pharmacy is THE Premier Pharmacy located in Boca Raton, Florida. They are of a very few Compounding Pharmacies that is an FDA-approved manufacturing facility. We chose our pharmacy for their outstanding reputation and quality control. We pass that quality on to you with every program.

HCG Product forms

HCG requires a prescription. Legal USA HCG can only come from a pharmacy.

Sometimes HCG is sold in prefilled syringes. In our opinion and experience, this form of HCG is not worth the risk.

Any version or derivative of HCG that is sold over the counter is not an effective product. These versions typically and especially include homeopathic drops and tablets.


Bodyology Provides:

30 Day Program 6,000IU One Vial
60 Day Program 12,000IU Two Vials

All Programs include Vitamin B-12

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