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How It Works

HCG for either our 30 day or 60 Day Program.

Important Notice!

We do not sell any prescription products on this website or at our business location.  You will begin a comprehensive Weight Loss Program that provides everything you need to succeed. Your prescription is included in your program and will be provided at our office.  Our Compounding Pharmacy is located in Boca Raton, Florida and is the highest level Compounding Pharmacy in the State of Florida.


Your HCG Assisted Diet program will include the following

Very Comprehensive 25 page explanation of the HIGHLY Modified
“Bodyology Center HCG/Paleo/TRF Weight Loss Program”

You will not find more comprehensive instructions anywhere.

Physicians Medical History Approval and Prescription

6,000IU of HCG for our 30 Day Program.
Ten, 1CC Hydroxocobalamin Vitamin B12 injections.

12,000IU of HCG for our 60 Day Program
Twenty, 1CC Hydroxocobalamin Vitamin B12 injections.
These are the quantities needed for the modernized Program

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Our Two Programs Have Their Different Benefits.

Our Most Popular Program is the 30 Day Solution

Note: If you are 15 pounds or more overweight and have an accumulation of fat in the belly you are most likely suffering from Leptin Resistance. Until this is corrected you will have a very hard time to impossible time keeping excess weight off. We have added Leptin Correction to your program. This is the key to your permanent success and it’s included without charge in your program.

Your Total 30-day Program HCG cost is only $345. Return clients can restart a program for just $295 and your prescription renewal is good for two additional refills any time from up to two years.

Save with our 60-day Program for $550 and save $140.

You will get 12,000IU of HCG in two vials. Do not accept any program over 30 days if the HCG comes in one vial. It will deteriorate before you are finished. We will give you two separate 30-day vials of HCG. When you finish the first 30 days you can take a break, start your Paleo Maintenance Phase. You will continue losing weight and can start your second vial any time up to four months later. Return clients can restart a program for just $550 and your prescription renewal is good for two additional refills any time for up to two years.

At Bodyology Center, you will learn everything you need to know about how to get started on a safe and legal HCG Assisted Diet. If you want to create a new future and a new you, it is important to begin working in the present. All the help you need you will find here. From the beginning to the end of your program, total support is just one part of the way we operate. Not all HCG programs are the same. If you are considering a diet or HCG, you have arrived at the right place. We care about your success.