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The differences between fake homeophthic HGC and Genuine HGC

Why you shouldn’t ever buy Homeopathic HCG

The quality of prescription HCG

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The Differences Between Fake Homeopathic HCG and Genuine HCG

It is generally pretty easy to determine a real product from a fake one- especially when you look at prices. However, many people do still get stuck in a web of manufacturer’s lies and become victim to false advertisement. This can often lead to spending a lot of money on a product that won’t work no matter what you do, and wasting your time on a product that promises rapid weight loss.

Why you shouldn’t ever buy Homeopathic HCG:

As previously mentioned, it just won’t work. But why? These companies promote a product that they say works as good as prescription-grade or HCG distributed by a medical professional. They might even promise the same product at only half the cost.

You can easily spot if HCG is fake with a variety of red flags, but the most prominent is when manufacturers label the product as “hormone free.” HCG is a prescription hormone, and without it there is simply no HCG within the product, making the purchase pointless. Legal HCG in the U.S. can only be received at a pharmacy- it’s as simple as that. Nothing you buy over-the-counter will be effective.

The quality of prescription HCG:

HCG that is produced in a pharmacy is completely different from HCG produced in a factory by a company that false-advertises. Product quality is derived from experts that have a wide range of experience in creating it. We can proudly confirm that the pharmacy that creates our HCG is THE premier compounding pharmacy in Boca Raton, FL. There are not many pharmacies that are an FDA-approved facility for manufacturing. We hand-selected this pharmacy because of their outstanding 5-star reputation and quality control. We provide you products that have been formulated to bring you the best results and ultimate satisfaction.

Dosage that the Bodyology Center provides:

6,000IU in one vial for the 30-Day Program
12,000IU in two vials for the 60-day Program

All programs through Bodyology include Vitamin B-12 and Hydroxocobalamin

At Bodyology Center, you will learn everything you need to know about how to get started on a safe and legal HCG Assisted Diet. If you want to create a new future and a new you, it is important to begin working in the present. All the help you need you will find here. From the beginning to the end of your program, total support is just one part of the way we operate. Not all HCG programs are the same. If you are considering a diet or HCG, you have arrived at the right place. We care about your success.