Going for the ‘low-fat’ option may not be the best idea

A recent article on the UK’s Independent website by Olivia Blair provides
Seven common weight loss myths

Skipping Meals:

Shunning meals doesn’t mean results, and skipping breakfast has actually been linked to obesity.
Monika Siemicka, from the British Dietetic Association advises skipping meals is bad for two reasons.
Firstly, if you skip a meal, you’re hungrier at the next

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Elderberries for a younger you?

Carl Thompson is a health and medical journalist, and research writer for IPRONA, an international company dealing with fruit processing and marketing. Recently, he wrote an article for Huffington Post Canada, in which he covers the benefits of Elderberries, and how they can help with weight-loss.

Effective, safe weight loss is about more than dieting. It’s about maintaining a healthy

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