Tips on Eating Out when on the hCG Diet

Tips on Eating Out

Fast food restaurants are an easy and defeating solution. Fast food is packed with exactly what humans are genetically programmed to desire: sugar and fat! In fact, ketchup, one of America’s favorite condiments, is simply a sweet way to deliver the salt and fat found in French fries. Most fast foods have a high calorie count and high glycemic carbohydrates, leading to an enormous amount of calories and too little satiety. You can find meals that are low in saturated fat, Trans Fat, and cholesterol in any restaurant by simply making a special request to the chef.

Don’t be shy about making special requests; most restaurants will probably honor your request. Ask your server if the “catch of the day” such as Orange Roughy has been pre-marinated in a butter or herb sauce, if the answer is NO, then ask to have it grilled or broiled plain with lemon.

When ordering vegetables, make sure they are steamed without butter and have no seasonings added which could contain very high amounts of sodium.

A rule of thumb, always ask to have any condiment on the side, this way YOU will be in control of how much flavor, fat and salt you are going to consume, if at all.

Bring your salad dressing with you to the restaurant. Most restaurants have oil & vinegar or vinaigrette if you forget.

Ask your server if the kitchen can alter preparations to meet your needs, or call ahead before you choose your restaurant. If your food isn’t prepared as you requested, send it back.

For example, some individuals think that 3 ounces of chicken is any piece of a full chicken, when in actuality it is the size of a deck of cards or the palm of your hand. 1 cup of fruit or vegetables equals the size of a baseball and a medium potato equals the size of a computer mouse. Once you can approximate the calories of a portion of food by looking at it, you may want to discontinue weighing and measuring food.