The hCG Diet – What to Eat?


Dr. Simeons was very specific when he outlined his breakthrough, hCG weight loss plan about certain foods that were allowed and those that were forbidden. If you’ve recently begun the plan, you may be wondering about the hCG diet, what to eat, since the caloric intake is so low and there seems to be few ways to make it palatable.

While you’re taking the hCG hormone injections, oral drops or pills, you’re limited to a 750 calorie per day diet plan. The highly restrictive diet is planned so that while you’re only pulling in 750 calories, your body is actually burning around 2,000 calories from stored fat cells – resulting in rapid and sure-fire loss of pounds.

If you’re wondering about the hCG diet, what to eat, you can search online for more information about this exciting new weight loss plan. Basically, the hCG diet consists of very low calorie meals that might look something like this:

Breakfast: Beverages are limited to coffee or a selection from several kinds of tea including Wu Long, Yerba Mate and organic green tea. You’re only allowed one tablespoon of milk per day and you can use it for your breakfast drink, if desired. Water is also allowed, but it should be pure and not tap water.

Lunch and Dinner: Certain proteins and limited vegetables are about all you get for a typical lunch or dinner meal. These proteins include beef or veal, skinless chicken breasts and a few types of fish that tend to carry a low mercury count. Be sure that you choose a different protein allotment for lunch and dinner

All meats should be organically-fed. You should only eat one type of vegetable – and be sure to avoid cooking them in oil or fats. You can boil, steam or grill the vegetables. Vegetables allowed on the hCG diet plan include tomatoes, cabbage, celery, cucumbers and spinach.

Fruits are also included in the hCG diet, what to eat includes organic grapefruit, apples and strawberries in the proper proportions. You may include the fruit with a lunch or dinner meal. You should also vary the vegetable and fruit allowances for lunch and dinner.

There are certain seasonings that you can use to make the hCG food more interesting, and there are hundreds of recipes that can be found on the Internet to pique your taste buds. As the hCG weight loss plan increased in popularity, pre-packaged, exact portion selections have also come available.

When looking at the hCG diet, what to eat may present a problem if you’re used to a variety of foods. The hCG diet plan may not look very appealing, but if you’re serious about losing those unwanted pounds you may have been dealing with for years, this is the diet that will take them off and keep them off.

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