Sublingual hCG – A Fast and Powerful Weight Loss Solution

Sublingual hCG – A Fast and Powerful Weight Loss Solution

Sublingual hCG is a fast and effective method of achieving weight loss – and keeping it off. It’s much easier than the injection form of the hCG supplement and has proven to be just as potent. Sublingual hCG is much safer than injections too. Going to the doctor to have injections administered can be expensive and time-consuming, and giving them to yourself can be dangerous.

Dr. Simeons, the creator of the hCG hormone injections and diet plan specifically designed to reduce obesity, gave his patients hCG injections during the 1950s and had amazing results that he chronicled in “Pounds and Inches,” a medical manuscript.

The hCG hormone is produced naturally by the cells in the placenta of pregnant women and serves the purpose of ensuring a healthy newborn baby. After Simeons’ research and success came to light a few years ago, a synthetic form of the hCG hormone was created and people began to follow Simeons’ weight loss plan by taking hCG drops sublingually.

Performing injections on yourself might be dangerous if you don’t know the proper protocol, but there’s very little chance of contamination and other medical problems when you use hCG sublingual drops under the tongue to be absorbed by the mucus membranes.

Studies about sublingual hCG have indicated that it is absorbed into the body at about the same rate as injections and faster than the hCG pill form. And, hardly anyone wants to face an injection every single day for 21 days, even if a doctor is administering them.

The sublingual hCG serum is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream by the multitudes of blood vessels that lie just beneath the tongue. These hCG drops will stimulate the hypothalamus gland, which will regulate your metabolism so that you burn fat calories at a faster and more efficient rate.

The oral pill form of the hCG hormone is effective, but doesn’t contain the chemical makeup to absorb into the skin like the sublingual drops. Pills are directed into your stomach, where the enzymes and acids contained there obliterate the effectiveness of the hCG hormone.

You can purchase both the hCG injection kits and sublingual hCG from many Internet sites, but be sure you’re getting a pure product and one from a company that’s reliable and that manufactures the product in the United States. The U.S.A. has tighter and better control over the way homeopathic substances are produced, so don’t risk going out of the country simply because it’s cheaper.

Suppliers of sublingual hCG can be found online or in homeopathic pharmacies and are much less expensive than purchasing the injection form of the hormone. Although you may need to take sublingual hCG two or more times a day to receive the recommended dosage, and you’d only need one injection to get the same effectiveness, it’s usually much less intimidating to opt for the sublingual drops than shots.