Read Online Reviews of hCG Diet to Get the Facts!

Read Online Reviews of hCG Diet to Get the Facts!

Online reviews of the hCG weight loss plan can provide facts you might need before proceeding with the hCG diet. You might also pick up some hCG diet fiction in a review – so it’s best that you thoroughly research this controversial weight loss plan before making a decision about whether or not it’s right for you.

The hCG diet is used with the hCG hormone in injections, oral drops or pills to achieve weight loss and keep it off. Most online reviews of hCG diet include the fact that the hormone stimulates the hypothalamus gland which in turn resets the metabolism so that you’re burning ingested fat calories more rapidly and efficiently.

You can learn a lot from reading reviews of hCG diet, and you can take advantage of some of the review sites that offer recipes, tips and hints about how to follow the plan for lasting success. The hCG diet plan contains very strict guidelines that you must follow for ultimate triumph over obesity.

During Phase 1 – the diet portion of the plan, you’ll only be ingesting 700 carefully planned calories per day along with the hCG hormone in shot, oral drops or pill form. Your body will be burning fat cells at a rate of between 2,000 and 3,500 calories per day while you’re only putting 700 calories into it.

The results of this restrictive plan is that you might lose anywhere from 1 to 3 pounds per day. The total amount of weight you can lose depends on the amount of time you choose to stay on the hCG weight loss plan. Online reviews of hCG diets can tell you more about how this diet phenomenon takes place and how effective it can be.

You may come across some online reviews of hCG diet that are critical of the plan, but read on and you may find why the plan wasn’t effective for this particular reviewer. Most followers who aren’t successful usually can’t stick to the diet plan over the recommended period of time and some didn’t take the recommended dosage of the hCG hormone.

Keep in mind that some online reviews of hCG diet plan are slanted to discourage you because the reviewer offers another weight loss plan that he or she wants you to choose over the hCG plan. But, certain reviews that offer facts can be extremely helpful in the final decision you make a about whether or not the plan is the right one for you.

Kevin Trudeau, the consumer advocate that lost a ton of weight on the hCG weight loss plan, calls it, “the weight loss plan they don’t want to tell you about.” People who have achieved amazing results on the plan say that hunger and cravings were almost non-existent and that they kept the weight off even after they got off the plan.

Read reviews of hCG diet for yourself and then make your own decision. As with all other weight loss plans, you should see a physician to be sure it’s a healthy one for you.