Preparation and Cleansing for the hCG Diet

Most every client wants to get started right away. While this will still produce results greater than most every other diet for rapid weight loss, it is recommended for dieters to begin a digestive system cleanse BEFORE or during the hCG Assisted Diet treatment.
• Start our 15 day Nature’s Secret Cleanse and Flush or our Colon Cleanse to assist in cleansing the digestive system and colon of toxins & waste that slow down weight loss.
• You can also try a 15-day or 30-day Candida Yeast Cleanse before or after the hCG Assisted Diet. Candida yeast build-up over time may prevent weight loss, depress the immune system, and slow down metabolism. The Candida cleanse should not be taken with the 15 day Cleanse and Flush. Take it before the Cleanse or after weight is stable.
• A Multi Vitamin/Mineral supplement is encouraged as a daily regimen. This will provide essential nutrients to every organ in your body and helps to sustain a low calorie diet.