How to Survive On the 700 Calorie hCG Assisted Diet

How to Survive On the 700 Calorie hCG Assisted Diet

A highly restrictive, 700 calorie per day diet is almost never recommended for people who want to lose weight – so what makes the hCG weight loss plan different? It’s true that the 700 calorie hCG diet is sparse and requires that you stick to the plan, without exceptions. But, what you’re going to realize on this plan that you haven’t with others is – lasting results!

700 calories per day alone can make you lose weight, but coupled with the hCG hormone therapy, you’re going to lose the weight without most of the side effects. One thing that helps during the first couple of days of the diet is that you spent the former two days “loading up” on fat calories.

You may be more than ready to give your body a break and take in fewer calories – but the 700 calorie hCG diet is still limited and can become boring. The first week will likely be the most difficult. It takes that long for the hCG hormone to begin to take effect and cut some of the hunger pains and cravings you’re bound to have.

Also, think about your eating habits. If you’re used to a big breakfast, the liquid breakfast on the hCG weight loss plan won’t be very satisfying. And, if you’re used to spicy foods with lots of sauce and condiments, you’ll likely be bored with the choices offered on this diet plan.

One tip for warding off hunger and cravings and surviving the 700 calorie hCG diet is to drink green tea when you think you can’t last another minute. You’re allowed as much liquid as you want, and the tea seems to cut cravings.

Save some of the food from your meals (lunch and dinner) for later. For example, you could have a serving of meat for the lunch meal and then eat the vegetable portion later in the afternoon. This also works for the fruit that’s allowed along with the meals.

If you’re tired of meat, you may want to substitute a vegetarian serving of cottage cheese and yogurt for a meal. Although that isn’t suggested in Dr. Simeons’ original hCG weight loss plan, it seems to stave off the boredom that sometimes occurs with this highly restricted diet.

Some seasonings and salad dressings are offered on online sites that complement the hCG diet foods. You can also try mixing some of your own, but be sure you’re using recommended seasonings and ingredients. Even though you’re allowed to have a breadstick with a daily meal, that addition sometimes causes you to crave other carbs, so if you’re suffering from cravings or hunger, don’t risk it.

The 700 calorie hCG diet plan may be all that some people say it is – boring, restrictive and uninteresting, to name a few – but something that they can’t argue with is that if you have the stamina to stick to it for 21 days, the results will amaze you.