How to Make hCG Diet Menus More Interesting

How to Make hCG Diet Menus More Interesting

If you’re overweight or obese, it may have something to do with your love of how food tastes. If so, you probably looked over the hCG diet menus and gagged. Well, it is only 700 calories per day, and you only have to suffer for 21 days. And, there are ways to make hCG diet menus a bit more interesting.

The hCG weight loss plan is likely going to be a major change from the way you’ve been eating, but changing your lifestyle is imperative if you want to lose the unwanted pounds once and for all and live your life feeling and looking your best.

One good thing about hCG diet menus is that you don’t have to think very much or purchase exotic or expensive, pre-packaged foods. Dr. Simeons, the late doctor who researched hCG during the 1950s, found that a very simple and extremely low calorie diet plan while taking hCG hormone injections helped his patients lose an amazing amount of weight within a short amount of time by stimulating the metabolism.

Some approved ways that followers of the hCG diet have used to make the hCG diet menus more interesting include squeezing lemon juice on chicken or fruit before or after cooking or using one of the approved salad dressings (found online) to perk up a salad. Keep in mind that there’s no such thing as “almost approved” for the hCG diet. It’s either approved – or not.

When you receive the hCG hormone in the form of injections, oral drops or pills, you should also get a Pocket Guide that outlines the entire hCG diet menus and foods you can eat in its entirety. Know that you can design your own hCG diet menus, but keep in mind that you must strictly adhere to the variety in the plan as Dr. Simeons outlined it for the plan to work properly.

You can also pull hCG diet menus together to fit your own preferences from recipes found on the Internet. There is some “switching” of foods involved. For example, you may not want to eat a fruit portion after lunch or dinner, but save it for a mid-evening or afternoon snack instead. Also, vary the fruits and vegetables by cooking them sometimes and eating them raw at other times.

Try to plan a week’s worth of hCG diet menus at one time so that you’re not constantly running to the supermarket for ingredients. The more you’re around other foods, the more you’ll be tempted to stray from the weight loss plan.

Also, plan on a “can do” attitude before you even begin the hCG diet plan. That can mean as much in the long run as planning your hCG diet menus properly. Know that the low calorie intake may cause you to have headaches and feel weaker than normal. Exercise is optional, but not included in the plan, so rest when you need to and don’t feel guilty if you want to relax more than usual.

Rewards for the food deprivation on the hCG weight loss plan are many. At the end of the recommended time you’re following the hCG diet menus, you’ll feel and look better than ever, and best of all – your body will continue to burn unwanted fat calories at an effective rate.