hCG Self Injection Technique

The medication you are going to be utilizing during the course of your diet is one that requires self –injection. The needle you will use is called an insulin syringe. At a mere 1/4”, the tip of the syringe is extremely small and virtually painless. The medication is intended to be injected into the subcutaneous tissue, which means just under the skin and in the belly.
PROCEDURE: Fill syringe to the number 20
• Choose a location 2 to 3 inches to the right or the left of the belly button.
• Swab the area with an alcohol swab.
• Remove both of the caps from the syringe and fill with HCG in the amount determined by your counselor for your individual program. Typically to 20.
• Holding the syringe in your hand, dart the needle straight into the skin at a 90 degree angle. It’s painless so relax and do your daily injection by slowly injecting the solution into the tissue.