hCG Phase 2 – The Difference in Dr. Simeons’ and Trudeau’s Diet Plan

hCG Phase 2 – The Difference in Dr. Simeons’ and Trudeau’s Diet Plan

hCG, Phase 2 of Dr. Simeons’ weight loss diet plan is when you begin the low calorie portion of the diet and start taking hCG injections, oral drops or pills. Phase 2 of Kevin Trudeau’s protocol begins with “loading on calories,” where you gorge on as many fat calories as you can, so that your metabolism is prepared for the next part of Phase 2.

Trudeau simply tacked another phase onto Dr. Simeons’ plan, making Phase 1 a “body cleansing” protocol, where you cleanse your system using one of the products on the market today. Dr. Simeons doesn’t advocate a cleansing phase and it’s entirely up to you as to whether or not you add this on to the original hCG plan.

Trudeau also includes “calorie loading” in Phase 2, whereas that’s Phase 1 of Dr. Simeons’ protocol. The “loading” phase lasts 2 days. So, the body cleansing and the inclusion of loading up on calories during Phase 2 are the only major differences in Trudeau’s and Simeons’ protocol.

Both Trudeau and Simeons advocate an extremely low caloric intake (700 calories) during hCG Phase 2. This important phase is designed to reset your metabolism by stimulating the hypothalamus gland. Simeons’ found that this same hormone (hCG) that was responsible for carrying nutrients to a pregnant woman’s fetus could also help cure obesity.

When Trudeau tried Dr. Simeons’ weight loss protocol, he tweaked the diet a bit – adding seasonings and trying new recipes that didn’t compromise the diet, but that made it more interesting. His theory is that in today’s world when we’re so used to highly seasoned fast foods, it would be next to impossible to stick to the blandness of the diet Simeons calls for.

The hCG diet and weight loss plan is a multi-stage protocol that only works if you follow it explicitly and use the hCG hormone in the form of injections, oral drops or pills to help reset the metabolism. It’s actually a scientifically designed plan that utilizes specific foods, combined with the hCG hormone, to change the way your body processes food.

Trudeau’s plan also calls for taking dietary supplements during Phase 2, but this isn’t necessary according to Dr. Simeons’ protocol. If you follow the diet explicitly, you should be getting the vitamins and nutrients you need, but if you’ve been taking supplements and want to continue, by all means do so. It won’t compromise the weight loss plan.

Both protocols encourage you to drink lots of fluids during the diet and hCG hormone phase of the diet plan. This is necessary to prevent water retention and to flush impurities from the system. Neither protocol states that exercise is necessary, but you might want to occasionally consider a short walk to get some fresh air.

hCG Phase 2 also teaches you how to eat correctly and should help get rid of cravings and false feelings of hunger that you may have had before. After following this remarkable breakthrough plan, you should never have to diet again and should be able to maintain your ideal weight for the rest of your life.