HCG Dosage guidelines for those ‘hungry’ for information

A number of clients visiting our Hollywood HCG Weight Loss Clinic in Broward County are curious about HCG Dosage & Calculations administered during the course of our HCG diet program.

Generally, our HCG Medical Doctor who supervises the HCG diet plan would take you though the chart once you sign up at our Hollywood, FL clinic.

However, for those of you with a head for a numbers and who love using their left brain

to slice and dice information the following chart will probably be of interest to you! Review HCG Dosage Guidelines

By the way, we would also like to remind all visitors that our HCG Clinic only sources our HCG from FDA-Approved pharmacies.

For those of you still educating yourself about the HCG weight loss program , HCG works by mobilizing unwanted fat stored in the body and turning it into an available energy source for the body.

Also review Abolish Cravings and Why HCG to read further about these topics and why HCG is becoming so popular in weight loss.

Regular hCG injections can induce weight loss