hCG Diet Reviews Reveal Pros and Cons

hCG Diet Reviews Reveal Pros and Cons

You can find out a great deal about the hCG weight loss plan by reading online hCG diet reviews. Since hCG is a controversial weight loss method, you should know the pros and cons before starting on this unique weight loss journey.

hCG stands for “human Chorionic Gonadotropin,” and is a special hormone that’s produced naturally in the placenta of a pregnant woman. The synthetic version of the hCG hormone, when administered by injections, pills or oral drops, is part of a weight loss program that has become extremely popular. It serves to stimulate the hypothalamus gland which in turn resets your metabolism.

The hCG weight loss plan includes a diet that’s highly restrictive, using only 700 calories per day. Online hCG diet reviews include the pros and cons of embarking on such a drastic weight loss plan, and data about others who have tried the plan and been successful – or failed.

OUR hCG Diet plan differs from the original plan. We allow for more calories per day because the original 700 calorie plan is too dangerous. Any negative reviews you have read about the hCG Diet most certainly point to the original plan.

There seems to be no middle-of-the-road position in whether or not the hCG diet plan works. hCG diet reviews that are for the plan tout the immediate results achieved when you follow the course as outlined by the late Dr. Simeons. Simeons was the man who researched the hCG hormone when used for weight loss and carefully outlined a specific course to follow to achieve maximum results.

Most of the hCG diet reviews that are against the plan say that hCG hormone injections can cause pain and bruising. Luckily, there are oral drops and pills that can be taken as an alternative. These online sites also claim that the low caloric diet can cause light-headedness, irritability and headaches. But, that’s true for any low calorie diet plan.

hCG diet reviews can also be helpful when choosing a specific product. Since online scams exist, you should have recommendations about which sites offer pure hCG products and which could be diluted or possibly even dangerous to take. These products might also discourage you from following the diet plan if no results are achieved.

Any confusion about the diet portion of the hCG weight loss plan can be alleviated by finding hCG diet reviews that offer more details about the plan and some offer recipes and tips for achieving ultimate success.

There are hCG diet reviews that point out possible dangers in using the hCG hormone in conjunction with the hCG diet plan. Even though the hCG hormone is approved by the FDA for fertility treatments, it isn’t approved by the FDA as a weight loss treatment. Despite that fact, hCG seems to cause no harm to individuals as long as you’re taking the recommended dosage.

If you’re worried about using the hCG weight loss plan to achieve your weight loss goals, by all means take advantage of the hCG diet reviews that offer information about the pros and cons before making a decision.