HCG Diet in Hollywood

As the summer weather continues to heat things up, it’s the perfect time to shape up and look great in your shorts and t-shirts, or something even more revealing. If you are overweight or have stubborn problem areas, at the Bodyology Center, we will get you set up on innovate method of dieting to help you lose weight, and we do this under the supervision of a medical team. The HGG diet makes it possible to lose weight without exercise. We have several different HCG diet programs, so if you are a Hollywood local, visit our clinic in person, just call us at 954-929-7670 to set up a consultation with one of our doctors or counselors.

•    What exactly is the HCG diet and how can it help me lose weight?  At the Bodyology Center one of our major specializations that sets us apart is a four-phase assisted diet program. The HCG diet consists of injections of the hormone Human chorionic gonadotropin, or if that is not well-tolerated, patients can opt for tablets or HCG drops. Basically while on the HCG diet you will begin with a cleanse that will be followed by a brief, high fat diet. Typically, when you consume a lot of fat calories your body will realize that it needs to burned calories. During the next phase of the diet, you’ll begin to take hCG hormone injections every day, for a specific amount of time, which will be determined by your doctor. Many factors go into this equation, especially important is how much weight you want to lose. Also, you will be on a very restrictive diet during this particular phase. The next two phases of the HCG diet plan are the maintenance phases. While it may be easy to just order HCG and do-it yourself, without a team of professionals to monitor you, it could be dangerous. At our convenient Hollywood, FL location we can help you find the right HCG program to meet your goals.

Assisted HCG Diet - 30 Day Supply Online

•    From HCG injections, to diet products and so much more, at the Bodyology Center, we are the home of the HCG assisted diet. With a combination of quality, pharmaceutical grade injections, which only come from reputable pharmacies, your safety is of our upmost importance. When you use HCG prescribed by our clinic, you will be monitored by our staff, and your treatment may be tweaked from time to time. Find out how we can help you achieve your weight-loss goals safely and quickly today!

•    Who is best suited for the HCG diet?  Literally tens of thousands of overweight and obese patients have already benefited from this program over the last few years. Here at the Bodyology Center of Hollywood, we guarantee it can dramatically change your life, but only if you do your part.  You must be mentally prepared and have a strong desire to reach your weight loss goals. So make the decision that your well-being is worth it and discover what it’s like to have a more positive relationship with your body.squatgirl

•    Just so you know, here the Bodyology Center of Hollywood we are one of a handful of clinics that implements the vital fourth stage of the HCG Assisted Diet. While many of our competitors still follow protocols from the ‘50s, we modified and improved the original protocol. Get started on the HCG diet today, just call us at 954-929-7670 and you will be on to your more improved you.