Have you heard about our B-12 injections?

There has been an incredible amount of interest in HCG-related diets over the last 12 months and no signs of abating. But, did you know that our clinic goes beyond the traditional HCG diet plan?   While you have most likely figured out that our program is medically supervised, something which sets us apart from other fly-by-night programs we also offer a range of additional services.

These include B-12 injections, Metabolize-me injections and Sooth-me injections which can help invigorate the body and assist with long-term weight loss.

The B-12 injection is particularly popular as it helps in synthesizing and regulating DNA which get lowered as we age.  If your interested let us know! When used in conjunction with our HCG weight loss program it can assist in keeping your body invigorated and your mind focused on the goal at hand.

Our core weight loss program is proprietary and customized to meet your individual body type.  All HCG medication (and additional injections mentioned above) are obtained from our of our FDA-approved pharmacies in South Florida.