Forget 500 Calories!

Forget 500 Calories!

There is one constant that can be found in the hCG programs offered.  That constant is that the 500 calorie diet originally developed by Dr. Simeons is wrong for today’s world and with good reasons. Simeons protocols were developed over 60 years ago. Our bodies, the way foods are processed and food availability have all changed in that time. The changes are important:

  1. Evolution in your body. New records are set every year in sports and the Olympics. Our bodies have changed and we can run, swim and jump higher than ever before.
  2. Evolution in the way foods are prepared. Chemicals and hormones are in foods and also used for growth in livestock and fields of other grown foods. They pass to your body through foods.
  3. The speed of our lives and schedules that drive us to fast foods and instant gratification.

Based on our evaluation of the different Protocols relative to hCG, we suggest that:

  1. The original Simeons Protocol. Our least favorite. It is old, worn out and based solely on information available in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s.  While much original information is important such as food types and his studies, there is enough conflicting information that we suggest only using a modernized hCG Assisted Diet set of instructions.
  2. The Sonia Russell second edition manuscript. This is an excellent source of information. It contains what we feel is viable, tested and modernized information on the hCG Assisted Diet.
  3. My Leptin/Paleo Guru is Dr. Jack Kruse. Learn more at
  4. You can purchase any of the very informative books by Nurse Sonia Russell or Dr. Kruse at Amazon. We feel that her books are the best written document on the hCG Assisted Diet available anywhere.

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