Fat 101: The skinny on weight loss

By now regular visitors to our site should have read our Getting Started guide to HCG weight loss which outlines 4 phases to losing weight within 23 to 43 days. But, what happens once you have reached your ideal weight and you have stopped the hCG program?

Our Hollywood, FL weight loss clinic lives by the motto: Healthy choices guarantee results. In conjunction with our physician supervised diet program we also offer advice on nutrition and how to eat healthy and lose fat.

Get rid of FAT by eating healthy

Along with eating healthy foods such as Whole grains which contain high fibre and vegetables which contain natural antibiotics and immunity-defense vitamins, you need to avoid foods such as refined sugars, fats and oils.

But, this is just scratching the surface. Consider the weight loss journey a way to educate yourself about food groups and their affect on you.

Good Foods Vs. Bad Foods: Supercharge your HCG diet plan to educate, motivate and supplement our hcg diet program. If you have any further questions please contact our corporate office in Hollywood, Florida or ask us a fat loss question by email.