Beware of your hCG provider!!

Beware of the following when choosing your hCG provider:

  • hCG is a prescription pharmaceutical product. If there is no prescription it is not genuine hCG.
  • Anyone offering the original 500 diet program. It is old news and unsafe.
  • Pre filled syringes. You have no idea the age of the product, who filled the syringes, where it came from and conditions the filling took place.
  • Any program over 30 days with the hCG in one vial. hCG vials have expiration dates. A single vial of hCG is no good for diets over 30 days.
  • Any homeopathic hCG. You cannot make a homeopathic hormone.
  • Facilities that are not medically supervised.
  • Foreign mail order hCG products are against the law and for good reasons.
  • Pharmaceutical hCG drops and tablets do work but cannot guarantee getting the 200IU into your system. They are more expensive because they require 500IU and require rigid adherence to instructions.


One last thing….If you are not going to follow the instructions do not spend your money. You cannot trick this diet.  If you follow the instructions you can and will get the results you want. Follow the instructions to the letter. We are here and ready to help you.

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