21 Day Maintenance HCG or Paleo/Leptin Reset

This part of our program is the most important part of the HCG Assisted Diet program for the accelerated weight loss system. When you have reached your weight loss goals and you are ready to stop the protocol and stop the use of HCG.  Now, for three days after all of your HCG has been used, you stay at 750 calories for three days. This is important. Do not skip this step. We need the HCG out of your system. Keep your diet as normal for three days.

Now the real science of this protocol begins. Prior to the maintenance you have had a very low fat diet/very low calorie diet. This dieting with the HCG, has caused your hypothalamus to burn stored fat. This brings you to today.

This Phase is 21 days. You will be eating all of the same foods that we have been eating during the primary phase if your choice is to do the HCG Maintenance Phase. We will also give you the option of converting to the Paleo/Leptin Reset that is the key to long term weight management. In both diets you get to add fat. We are changing to a high fat, low carbohydrate diet. You can now have items like, bacon, pork, salmon, turkey and tuna. What you cannot have in any quantities are items with sugar and starches. Excess sugar is your enemy for life so try to get a grip on that.

If you do not complete this phase of the protocol effectively, which means, if you cheat and have sugars you will have wasted your time and money getting the body that you wanted. You will have started the destructive process of storing fat again.

When your Maintenance phase is complete, we will focus on Leptin and L Carnitine correction for high energy burn and a long term stable weight.