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With the help of our Pharmacy, we have a huge Special for our clients with Thyroid and Insulin conditions or have been here at least two times and still have weight issues.


Email me at TheBodyologyCenter@gmail.com and I will send you our totally new program with all the information you need on the changes in our program, Leptin Correction, L Carnitine balance and the Paleo change to Phase three of the HCG Assisted Diet. It contains about 40 pages of great information.

It is our hope that writing this offer can help people we have been working with and others that have been challenged by losing weight and keeping weight off in the future.

At Bodyology we constantly seek to improve what we do.  This is an obligation to the people that come to us seeking help with a problem that plagues our society.

While we have been providing our clients we if superior quality pharmaceuticals and support materials we had many returning clients.  Most all returning clients admitted going back to their old ways just like me.  I attributed this to old habits and compulsive behavior disorders.

In nearly 2000 consultations with individuals, men and women, young and old of different racial genetics that have had shared Information with us during consultations there is one word that was never mentioned and that word is Leptin.

Simply said, if your Leptin is out of balance you will never maintain healthy weight loss, active metabolism and use of stored energy.  You will be a person that is Leptin resistant.  You will be incapable of permanently maintaining weight loss because the signals to your brain are not working properly.

What would further amaze me was that out of all of our clients with some form of a thyroid or insulin condition I have never heard a word Leptin. I wondered how that could be and the answer to the question made perfect sense. The blood work comes back, the patient has a thyroid condition, and what do they get?  They get a prescription for Synthroid and a lifetime of taking it. Leptin imbalance is directly associated with thyroid and insulin problems.

  • Price for 6000IU 30 day supply $225 Save $120
  • Price for 12,000IU 60 day supply $350 Save $125
  • Price for 10 B12 injections $40
  • Price for vitamin Cocktail $125

This is a one-time offer and our last until December 1st.  No Extensions

This special program with our Pharmacy ends October 5th. You must make arrangements prior to that date to be eligible.

Your file must contain that you have been here at least two(2) times
or you have Thyroid or Insulin issues