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CBD Oils – The Myths And Facts

If you are looking for the best product that beats out any regular store-bought CBD oil in terms of effectiveness in aiding pain management and inflammation as well as many other symptoms, MED 7™ is the option for you. This is a full spectrum CBD product that acts almost instantly and has an 85% bio-absorbability to relieve your troubling symptoms quickly. MED 7™ uses Purzorb™- technology proven to absorb faster and have a much more rapid onset than regular CBD oil products. Other facts about Med 7™ CBD oil:

  • It is not a controlled substance and isn’t made with THC
  • Med-7 can be legally sold in all 50 states
  • It’s only attainable through places like the Bodyology Center– a licensed healthcare professional
  • Med 7 CBD oil meets all U.S. Federal Farm Bill Compliance [Sec 7606]
  • Finally, Med 7 CBD oil is made from only CBD hemp oil of the highest quality and potency, from Pure Kentucky Hemp

CBD oils

14 bottles of regular CBD oil= 1
bottle of Med 7™ Hemp CBD Oil

  • Traditional CBD oil is 14X LESS potent than Med 7
  • It is very fast acting and full spectrum hemp CBD
  • Prescription strength

The 3 Main Delivery Methods of CBD Oil

CBD oils

  1. Normal CBD Products
    a) Takes normally 60-90 minutes to kick in
    b)Bad tast
    c)Only 6% bioavailability
  1. Liposomes and Water Dispersible
    a) Takes 60 minutes to kick in
    b) Better taste but not very stable
    c) Higher bio-absorbability of 18-24%
  1. Med 7™ CBD Oil with Purzorb™
    a) Only 15-30 minutes to kick in
    b) Great taste and very stable
    c) Bio-absorbability of over 85%

Med 7 is the fastest-acting Hemp CBD oil product on the market with prescription-grade effectiveness.

In only 15 minutes, you will reach 50% or more bio-absorbability and full bio-absorbability only 15 minutes after that.

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