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Aline Silva

Bodyology Center’s General Manager and Client Counselor

GM/Client Counselor

Aline Silva

Our own general manager, Aline Silva, is 100% involved in making sure treatments are well planned out and clients are taken care of to the fullest extent. Every day she is changing lives and her daily involvement includes administering daily activities and services as well as educating clients on the HCG Assisted Diet and how to lose weight safely and effectively.

Silva is also has a bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Science, which she uses to asses the client’s weight and current diet in order to formulate the perfect diet plan based on individuality. This helps her clients learn the long-term goals and benefits of healthy living and  .

Bodyology clients have access to Silva every day for questions and concerns and it is always encouraged to ask if anything isn’t properly understood- she is here to guide you. Aline Silva can help many different people understand the program better as she speaks three languages- English, Spanish, and her native language Portuguese which is very common in the southern Florida area.

Contact us today to get started or ask any questions about our program!

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At Bodyology Center, you will learn everything you need to know about how to get started on a safe and legal HCG Assisted Diet. If you want to create a new future and a new you, it is important to begin working in the present. All the help you need you will find here. From the beginning to the end of your program, total support is just one part of the way we operate. Not all HCG programs are the same. If you are considering a diet or HCG, you have arrived at the right place. We care about your success.