HCG program explained

This experience will help you achieve your goals and we will take all the time necessary to help you understand and succeed during your weight loss mission.

Too many operations simply took the old Diet program developed in the late 50’s and early 60’s and still use it today without considering the changes in food processing, our body evolution and current lifestyles.
Our approach is completely different and stresses that your self-control and dedication to the program are the keys to achieving optimal results.

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Literally tens of thousands of overweight and obese patients have benefited from this program over the last few years and we guarantee it can dramatically change your life if you do your part.
We are one of a very few Diet Centers that has the very important and little explained fourth stage of the hCG Assisted Diet.
Many companies market the original hCG diet concept developed by Dr. Simmeons. We are far removed from the protocols of the early manuscript and for good reason. Too much time has passed to rely on the notes from the 1950’s. It was in association with Dr. Oz and Bodyology Center that the need to modify the original protocols was agreed.

At the use of injectable hCG. Injectable hCG, given in the suggested dosage has proven to be most accurate administration possible. While what we want to assure you is that given the tiny size of the syringe and the point of injection you are going to find this application method painless.

dr-leftWe have counselors and office staff to assist you, take your call and answer your questions whenever you call. If you need assistance in the ordering process, call us at our main contact number 954-929-7670


Most Important

Our counselors and office staff assist you by phone 954-929-7670 during standard business hours (10:00 am to 6:00 pm Eastern Time) throughout your 4-phase program with us. Please call this number for support or questions about our process, products, or ordering.

Our coaching/support team works with you so you understand fat, calories and metabolism and the choices you need to make each day. Your committed, caring attention to detail – moment by moment, day by day – is an investment you will make in yourself.

A Plan

We are a physician-supervised weight loss program that leverages innovative Telehealth medical support and a licensed U.S. Pharmacy to meet your full range of needs.


Do not spend your money if you are not prepared to follow our instruction. hCG injections alone will not make you lose weight. That is why it is called the hCG Assisted Diet.