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Telehealth: Phone or Video Conference – There has never been a better time! Never an easier way! Never been a better way to connect with your health care provider!Our pricing makes the HCG Telehealth Diet more affordable than many other diets. Let’s get started! Our mission is to work with people to create a customized diet program specific to each individual after the initial interview. There may be alterations from the modernized protocols based on your individual needs. We are confident our Dieters will lose about 3/4 lb. per day when they have up to 30 pounds to loose. The more weight you are carrying, the higher your daily weight loss will be. There are many reasons people fail to lose unwanted weight. It’s not your fault! Don’t resort to diet pills, bariatric surgery, lap band, or starvation.

Weight loss is our business, and we are only successful if you lose the weight!

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