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Obesity statistics are on the rise and more and more people are fighting the overweight problem. The need for a healthy, natural way to lose weight – fast answer is the HCG Assisted Diet. What could be more natural than a supplement that comes from the human body? What is this supplement you ask? Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG), and this hormone can be taken in several forms; injections, drops, or pellets.

First and foremost HCG is a natural hormone produced by pregnant women to aid in the successful break down of body fat in order to aid in the nutritional support of the baby. In a world where we are more and more concerned about the safety of the products we put into our body, what could be better than a natural hormone safe for unborn babies!

The hormone works by reducing your appetite, maintaining normal energy levels, and easing the normal symptoms of eating a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) such as headaches, and mood swings. The hormone does this by allowing your body to efficiently process the fat stores already in your body. Taken in proper dosages this hormone and the VLCD will make weight loss easer. AND…you’ll keep it off but you will only keep it off by taking steps to control your Leptin and Ghrelin hormones and Carnitine a naturally occurring amino acid derivative.

The most effective HCG protocols, are multi-phase protocols, starting with an very important digestive cleanse, a multiple vitamin, a mandatory Loading Phase 1, the Diet Phase 2 which is the longest phase and most important, Phase 3 is the Maintenance Phase in which you taper off the hormone and re-acclimatize your body to a less restrictive higher calorie diet and Phase 4 the Phase no one tells you about. We call Phase 4 the Rest of Your Life Phase. Successful use of this particular protocol not only aids in weight loss and fat loss, but it also alters your metabolism in such a way as to help you maintain your weight loss long term.

The use of HCG today has several effective methods each fairly straightforward and pain free. After your shipment of the hormone arrives, you’ll want to follow the manufacturer’s instructions as to how to properly mix and use the product, we’ll discuss this shortly. Then for injections you’ll be using a common insulin needle and syringe to carefully inject the proper dosage of once daily into a layer of body fat, most commonly belly fat. In the case of pellets and drops you’ll want to ensure that you have set aside the needed time to allow your body to properly absorb enough HCG to effectively stave off your hunger. With drop and pellets you’ll find that it is important to do this twice a day to maintain the desired results throughout the day.

Along with the use of the HCG hormone injections, you will also need to maintain a very low calorie diet, of 800 calories or less. By eliminating fat entirely from your diet you’ll find that you experience the most weight loss success. You will be forcing your body to absorb, breakdown, and use the fat that is already in your body. It’s called Adipose at and it is hard to get rid of.


Injections are the most effective way for the human body to absorb HCG. When starting on the HCG injection protocol, it’s imperative to know that you are getting an authentic real HCG and not a homeopathic substitute. Do not accept pre filled syringes. You have no idea of how old the product is or the filling conditions.


A bad choice! Drops are a liquid form of the HCG hormone that you absorb under the tongue. There are too many variables and you need to be certain you are getting a full 200IU of HCG daily.


Also in the HCG protocol family are the HCG tablets. They actually require two and a half times the IU of HCG or 500IU in true form. More expensive and again you never know if you are getting the amount of HCG necessary due to digestive variables. There are many imposters on the market so it is imperative that only the real HCG tablets be used when attempting to lose weight on this protocol. Be certain that any tablets come as a prescription from a legal Compounding Pharmacy.

Read on from here and you will learn all you need to know to get started on a LEGAL HCG Assisted Diet.

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